Inclusive Childcare

Project Summary

Helping childcare providers statewide

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screenshots from Inclusive Childhood website across different size monitors
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screenshot of Inclusive Childhood site on mobile and tablet
Project description

The Center for Inclusive Childhood (CICC) is statewide resource network, supporting inclusive childcare practices throughout Minnesota through training, education, and resources. Their website was outdated, not mobile-friendly, hard to navigate, and difficult to keep up-to-date.

What We Did

Our team migrated podcast episodes, files and interactive media, from a static HTML site and series of multimedia files over to Drupal 8. We worked with CICC on reorganizing their content and site navigation, improving the user experience for their audience.

A new Resource Library offers content across a range of mediums (websites, podcasts, documents), with robust search and filter tools. A new Podcast section also includes filtering and options for listening within your browser. We also set up an e-commerce website for CICC on the Shopify service, theming the store to match the new site design.

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screenshot of website homepage, with large image banner, and many links
screenshot of resource library, with listing of various resource links
screenshot of page listing available podcasts
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