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Lions Clubs International is one of the most well known, active nonprofit organizations worldwide.

For over 100 years, the Lions have offered services and support to countries around the world, from disaster relief and humanitarian aid to work fighting hunger and disease.

They came to Electric Citizen needing a reliable and professional partner who could offer support, technical consulting, and digital strategy. 

Best Practices and Site Improvement
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As with any new support client, we began our engagement with a site audit–reviewing and documenting the current site build, noting any issues or concerns to be addressed before jumping in with new work.

From our audit and client discussions, we were able to create a roadmap for getting started on a backlog of support, prioritizing tasks based on both client need and the interdependency of various site components. The most important and critical tasks were addressed first, while at the same time establishing new patterns around best practices in coding, process, documentation and web development.

Since 2022, our team has been conducting regular updates of their Drupal installation, troubleshooting and fixing issues, and applying best practices in coding and deployment of updates. 

Site improvements included work to reduce incoming spam on forms and donations, and improvements to the site’s Solr (search) configuration. The Member Resource Center was rebuilt with its own unique navigational menu, and themed to support 12 different languages for members around the world.

Maximizing the performance and sustainability of an organizational website is an important responsibility, one that affects the short and long-term success of the organization.

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