Support and Site Improvement


At Electric Citizen, we encourage all new clients to think about the post-launch phase, even as we are conducting our initial discovery and planning.

Sites need continuous investment to be effective and reach their full potential. By planning ahead, it can be easier to allocate the appropriate resources for the years to come after launching your next great website.

EC staff working at desk, talking with client over phone

Post Launch

Electric Citizen has three main tiers of site support we offer to all our clients, which we can share with you at any time – the Kilowatt, Megawatt, and Gigawatt support plans. 

We strongly encourage all our clients to budget resources for the post-launch phase of any project. Support plans include security patches and software updates, as well as a dedicated online ticketing system for support, monthly checkins with a support manager to discuss your current needs and planning for future enhancements. 

Support is not limited to technical development. We’ll work with you on SEO strategy, user testing, content strategy, and design refinements, as well as backend and frontend development needs. 

Existing Sites

We’ve partnered with a number of clients who came to us with existing website, needing support and site improvement. Often times these sites are suffering from months (or years!) of neglect, and need a skilled and trustworthy team of developers to help them out.

We begin with a conversation to learn about the project, and determine if we’re a good fit. You’ll get to know more about who we are and what we can offer, and we can learn more about your organization and the history of your site. Our developers conduct a free site audit to evaluate your site status, again with the goal of determining if we’re the best fit for what you need.

If it all looks good, we can start by fixing up your site and get it back up to date. This includes updating your CMS, along with various plugins or modules. Any existing bugs are addressed, and issues resolved. After this initial triage, you can then join one of our existing support plans and enjoy the services of our support team for as long as you like.

We love EC Support...Support plans are a great way to improve and fine-tune a website over time.

Meghan Hatalla, Century College