Are you the next Electric Citizen? We're always happy to hear from talented people interested in joining our team!

All positions are fully remote and open to US and Canadian residents.


Current Openings

(Fully Remote)
Why Electric Citizen?

Electric Citizen works with the public sector, using open source technologies like Drupal and WordPress as tools for civic engagement and service. Websites that support the common good.

We are a culture of self-starters and doers, while keeping a sense of humor and fun in our work. Everyone is expected to be productive and efficient, but overtime and overloading team members is strongly discouraged. We want our workers to have happy and healthy outside lives. We believe in supporting the community, embracing open-source, and doing good work.

Key Highlights

  • For the public good - we only work with clients in government, education, nonprofits, arts, health and science
  • Premier Drupal Supporting Partner – dedicated to supporting open source like Drupal through code, volunteer work and financial support
  • Engaged - our team members are found presenting, volunteering and attending conferences, including DrupalCon and regional conferences
  • Core agency values – straight talk, fully human, highly productive, personal growth

Key Benefits

  • Generous paid time off  – 15 days PTO to start, along with 11 Paid Holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year's
  • Health insurance (medical, dental & vision)
  • Paid family leave (maternity, paternity)
  • Short term & long term disability insurance
  • Retirement plan with employer match
  • Life insurance
  • Quarterly bonuses
  • Training & development funds
  • Company retreats and professional conferences
  • Flexible schedules
  • Strong, supportive team culture
  • Reasonable hours – 30-35 billable per week, with dedicated time for learning and/or code contrib
  • Work remotely

Our Values

  • Be Human – being human means you can bring your whole self to work, free to be alive, spontaneous, and passionate. Keep a sense of humor and good nature about your work, and accept that mistakes will be made. Be your best self, and use clear and understandable language that comes from the heart. 
  • Work Smart – use your time effectively, while doing things the right way. Follow best practices and pursue a high level of competency in everything you do. But don't overwork yourself. 40 hours per week is plenty.
  • Keep Getting Better – always keep pursuing new areas of personal and professional growth
  • Stay Confident and Humble – we want to be good at what we do and feel that confidence, while staying humble in the way we conduct ourselves with others. We're not flashy or cocky. We just do good work.
  • Value and Respect Others – treat all employees and clients with respect. Always seek to understand and value the positive intentions and contributions of others.