Web Development


Our team of web developers have the experience and proven process in place to craft the site your organization needs while following best practices and a sustainable site architecture.

We specialize in content and data migrations, integrations with third-party applications or APIs,
and customizing open-source content management systems such as Drupal or WordPress.

Web development tasks include:

  • Configuring your CMS
  • Site build and theming
  • Search tools
  • Custom modules and plugins
  • Data integration
  • Content migration
  • Editor tools
  • Training and documentation
  • DevOps

Configuring Your CMS

Our team members have worked with dozens of content management systems (CMS) over the years, including well-known solutions such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and Squarespace. While the choice and variety of platforms continue to evolve, our focus is always with open-source solutions.

Learn more about our primary choice, Drupal, and why it works for so many of our client projects.

Site Build and Theming

Using our planning and discovery work as a guide, our team of experienced developers will take the designs and mockups of the previous stage and make your site a reality.

First your CMS will be installed and configured on the development server. We will translate design direction into HTML and CSS, while uploading sample content and media.

The lead project manager will work with you and our team of developers to define a series of agile-based code sprints. Clients can track our progress every two weeks as we release new functionality for testing and review.

Tasks and deliverables may include:

  • Content types and database tools
  • Webforms
  • Site search
  • SEO and metatags
  • User accounts and permissions
  • Content workflow and moderation
  • Server configuration and launch

Data Integration and Content Migrations

We pride ourselves in going beyond simple content management tools to help our clients envision and build web applications that empower their users and staff.

We specialize in complex migrations, integrations with third-party applications or APIs, 
and web-based tools that make things easy to manage. 

Tasks and deliverables may include:

  • Automated data imports from multiple platforms
  • Integration with external staff directories
  • API integrations and recurring imports into your CMS
  • Large-scale content migrations
  • Direct integrations between your CMS and internal Git systems/code libraries
  • Client-managed tools to maintain complex, custom datasets

In each example, we first successfully configure the integrations, and then create user-friendly dashboards for our clients to easily manage and extend their content. During our technical architecture and discovery phase, we work with our clients to determine the critical functionality required in the website to make the project a success.

Easy-to-Manage Editorial Experience

We believe in empowering content editors. From selecting the best in content management systems and existing tools to creating or modifying tools and applications, our sites are about giving editors power.

With easy-to-use interfaces and flexible customization, editors can create beautiful landing pages without writing a single line of code. Our goal is to build a system that can be easily managed by our clients, while offering full support as needed.

Training and Documentation

We provide clients with onsite or remote training, educating your site editors in site tools, workflow and best practices. An online user manual is provided within your CMS, and user accounts and permissions configured as needed for everyone involved (including editors and users).

Typically we start by “training the trainers.” We will train your lead editors, and they in turn will train others in your organization as needed. Most projects have a training budget that can be extended or revisited at a later date as needed. Our goal is always to empower non-technical users to manage as much site content as they are comfortable doing.