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Plan for User Testing

Quick and easy usability testing can lead to big gains
Electric Citizen team walking together outside

2024 Team Retreat

Had a great annual team retreat in early 2024
college students smiling and gathered around a laptop indoors

See you at HighEdWeb 2023

At Electric Citizen, we have long partnered with clients in higher education – from large universities to community colleges. 
background image of the Twin Cities Drupal logo and an illustrative graphic of the Twin Cities skylines

2023 Twin Cities Drupal Camp is Here!

This week we're excited for the return of an in-person, Twin Cities Drupal Camp! After several years of pandemic-related postponements, we're finally ready to begin the 10th annual conference,…
crop of our booth at 2022 DrupalCon

See you at DrupalCon 2023

Once again, Electric Citizen is sponsoring the great Drupal get-together
Electric Citizen team lifting a couch with one team member still sitting on it

2022 Team Retreat

This October, we all got together in Minneapolis for our first-ever team retreat.
Portland Oregon Stag Sign

See you at DrupalCon Portland 2022

DrupalCon is back in person, and we're sponsoring!