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Carlson School of Business

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The Carlson School of Management was participating in a campus-wide capital campaign for the University of Minnesota, with a goal of raising $150 million over several years.

Carlson reached out to Electric Citizen for the design and build of this important site.

What We Did

The brand of the overall “Driven” campaign is reflected in the redesign. Using brand guidelines and new print materials, we created a design language for the site that included the brand’s angles, colors, icons and other styles.

Large images with intersecting type, fullscreen video players and subtle animations as the user scrolls adds visual interest and energy to the site.

Striking the appropriate tone was another important aspect of the brand and target audience, with a professional and clean design emphasized throughout the site.

Additional Images
screenshot of Force for Leadership page content, leading with photo of young business professional
2 circle graphs, showing percentage of funds raised to date in campaign
screenshot of success story, carlson alumni
screenshot of callouts on site, asking for donations
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