Electric Citizen at Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2018

June 13, 2018| by Electric Citizen

Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2018 just happened and Electric Citizen were able to present no less than four sessions on subjects ranging from Drupal search, configuration management, local development environments and dealing with emerging tech.

tcdc 2018 attendees photo
Just some of the folks who showed up for camp this year. Photo by Michelle Cox.

In the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul, we are proud of our Drupal camp and this past weekend we hosted the ninth annual. This established and well-attended event attracts the majority of local Drupalistas, some out-of-towners, and the odd Drupal luminary or two.

A Joint Effort

For many, it is the most anticipated Drupal event of the year, and like any Drupal camp it is a joint effort of dedicated individuals coming together to deliver something useful for the wider community. 

If you have ever helped organize such an event you’ll know that it takes a great deal of time, coordination and old-fashioned hard graft to make it happen. Kudos to everyone who organized, volunteered, attended, sponsored, shared knowledge, BOFed, socialized, networked or participated in any way. Thank you all!

twin cities drupal camp 2018 session attendees
Wilbur Ince presents his session on local dev environments
Wilbur Ince presents his session on local dev environments

There are many components of a successful camp, but having good sessions is essential. Nearly 40 sessions were offered this year with true diversity of topics and delivery styles; ranging from introductory talks to more technical, and from entertaining and fun to inspiring and thought-provoking.

At Electric Citizen we were very pleased to have four sessions approved, and these were recorded for anyone to watch.

Tim Broeker: Configuration Management for Humans


Wilbur Ince: Lando Ddev Docksal - Battle Royale of Local Development


Adam Fuchs: Easy, Flexible and Accurate Drupal 8 Search with Dr. Seuss and Search API


Dan Moriarty: The Next Big Thing and Why Should I Care?

Click here to see all the videos from the camp

Visit the TCDC 2018 website

Adam Fuchs channels Dr. Seuss
Adam Fuchs channels Dr. Suess in his presentation. Photo by Michelle Cox.
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