• Web Design and UX

      Good design isn't just what looks good on the screen. It's what works for your audience, your message, and your brand. We believe in design that is thoughtful and effective in supporting your content. And it doesn't hurt look good while doing so.

Design Services

  • Site Concepts & Prototyping

    Remember the old days of web design, where every detail of your site was laid out in static Photoshop files, and then handed over to a developer? Ok, it’s not that long ago. But it’s time for a new approach. We create style tiles, style collages, and functional prototypes, and design while developing. It’s a fluid, agile process that doesn’t assume you know what you need til it’s being built.

    webpage design
  • Branding & Identity

    Your organization likely already has a logo and marketing materials. We can work with your existing brand and translate the appropriate tone, message, look and feel to your online presense. Lacking a clear brand? Electric Citizen can assist you developing a unique brand online, which you can then carry on to future print materials.

    organization stationery
  • Responsive Design

    We’ve embraced a mobile-first approach to all our projects, meaning the design and features of your site are built starting on the smallest handheld devices, and expanding in features and design as screensize increases. This ensures a strong foundation to every site, for all users, and not a site that simply takes things away from mobile users. Responsive design is part of every project now. In fact, the term  will likely fade away, and be known as simply ‘web design.’

    responsive web design image
  • Theming

    Drupal is the CMS underpinning all the sites that we build. But that doesn’t mean every site has to look the same. There’s enough flexibility and know-how here to express your site in any design imaginable.

    theming on a monitor

User Experience

  • User Stories

    At its base definition, User Stories describe something a user wants to do with a product (or in our case, a website). They are typically organized around a short sentence that begins with the phrase, "as a user I want to...", and then fill in the blank with a goal. These goals are important guidelines as we move on to wireframing, design, and site building, something we can reference in our decision-making.

    As part of this process, we'll take your team through a series of exercises, examining your target audiences and determining what they need, what would delight them and what would frustrate them. The end result is a series of audience-based user stories that become part of our project documentation.

  • Content Model

    Content is the reason people visit your website, and it needs to shine across an array of devices and platforms. We'll work with you to identify the types of content you produce and how to optimize it for the web. The resulting blueprint will outline what you need to prepare for the new website and how your content will be structured.

    folder of content
  • User Testing

    The team at Electric Citizen bring experience, knowledge and expertise to every project that is the basis of our decision-making. Our clients bring theirs as well, and it is valuable in the process of planning, designing and building websites. No one knows everything however, and despite the best intentions, sometimes our assumptions are wrong. Real data is better than assumptions.

    User testing allows us to prove (or disprove) our theories about the end user, by giving third-party participants a chance to test our work. Examples include:

    • Observing how users find information (e.g. "Can you find "xyz" through our site navigation?")
    • Recognizing points where a user may get stuck on a site (e.g. going through an online application)
    testing results of web design
  • Sitemaps and Wireframes

    Wireframes are designed to establish content hierarchy and determine what key content 'sections' comprise a webpage. Typically we focus on the homepage and other key landing pages of your site, creating black and white renderings of the site, highlighting the possible content while avoiding any design decisions until later.

    siteflow of web page

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