Mayo Intranet

Project Summary

Intranet for largest research division

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screenshots from Mayo intranet
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screenshots from Mayo intranet
Project description

Mayo clinic is one of the world’s most well-known and respected medical institutions. Health Sciences is their largest research division, and needed a new intranet.

Creating a new Intranet

The Health Sciences Research intranet was a series of 9 sites and over 25,000 static HTML pages. The sites were difficult to maintain, hard to navigate, and updates were limited to a small group of tech-savvy users.

Electric Citizen developed a powerful Drupal-based solution that reworked all 9 divisions under one umbrella, while bringing content editing tools to a wide spectrum of Mayo employees.

The site features role-specific landing pages for employees in different groups, a Code Exchange library for code submission and sharing, and extensive software and training libraries with advanced search capabilities.