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Your Voice Your Vote

May 13, 2016| by Dan Moriarty

At the end of April 2016, we launched a new site centered around voting rights, Your Vote Your Voice.

Working with the Minnesota-branch of the League of Women Voters, who in turn partnered with many volunteers and regional organizations, the new site is an education tool about the past, present and future of Voting Rights.

A pilot project, the hope is that the new site will be used in schools as curriculum for teaching youth about the struggle for voting rights. People have fought for centuries over what should be a basic American right. Particularly for persons of color, the struggle to vote isn’t a thing of the past. It is a struggle we carry today, and the site attempts to both highlight these struggles (and victories) over time, but also offer direction and inspiration to change the future.

The site is full of great content and will hopefully continue to grow in content and use over time. We’re always proud to support a good cause through our work and this project is a good example. Online at

YourVoteYourVoice webpage screenshot


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