Early Childhood Intervention Library

September 6, 2017| by Dan Moriarty

Preschool is a critical stage of development in every child’s life. What the Early Childhood Information Library (ECIL) will provide is a critical listing and reviews of the curriculum used in early education. 

We strategized with the client on how to best present an online library of interventions and strategies to educators. Resources are rated on three main criteria, and categorized by domains. Results can be filtered by a variety of terms, including ratings, age of students, tier of intervention and keywords. Summaries of results are presented in cards, with a full-set of details available on individual resource pages. 

Because of the specialized industry terms, we include a series of easy-to-access help buttons, which trigger slide-in windows with full definitions of terms. ECIL had no established identity, so as part of the project we defined a color palette, choose appropriate fonts, sourced imagery, and made other design decisions as part of defining an online brand.

ECIL website as seen on different sized screens
Fully responsive design
ECIL resource page, with 4 choices of domains
Select a domain or view all results
ECIL resources by a domain, with filters exposed
Faceted search results
photo of Dan Moriarty wearing a dark blue dress shirt

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