2019 Twin Cities Drupal Camp Recap

6/18/19 by
The 9th annual TC Drupal Camp (“TCDC”) took place in early June, and once again rocked.
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When to upgrade from Drupal 7

5/13/19 by

Drupal 7 was officially released in 2011, making it quite old in web years, though

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GDPR and Online Privacy, 1 Year Later

4/30/19 by
GDPR has been around for a year now, but for many of us in the U.S., the law is still a mystery. A new California law may change that.
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Citizens to DrupalCon Seattle

4/3/19 by
Electric Citizen is heading to DrupalCon Seattle next week! Look for our booth.
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Midcamp Recap

3/28/19 by
The 2019 edition of MidCamp is over, but our team left Chicago with a lot of great advice, fresh perspectives, new connections and good vibes
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Spring conference updates

1/29/19 by
We're in the deep of winter in Minneapolis, but thinking about spring
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Electric Citizen Presents...

6/13/18 by
Electric Citizen presents sessions at TCDC 2018 on Drupal search, configuration management, local development environments and dealing with emerging tech.
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DrupalCon Nashville

4/17/18 by
Recap of Electric Citizen at DrupalCon Nashville 2018. Read about our experience of the Drupal event of the year.
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Meet Us at DrupalCon Nashville

3/23/18 by

If you have never been to a DrupalCon, make this year the one! This is a year of firsts for Electric Citizen.

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Reasons to Upgrade Your Website to Drupal 8

3/8/18 by
Drupal 8 is the latest and greatest version of the popular CMS. Learn why you should upgrade.
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