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June 8, 2016| by Dan Moriarty

We got a blog and we’re gonna use it!

We’re officially launching the EC blog, and hope it comes to be a great source of information for our clients, as well as other web designers and developers.

While we can’t say for certain where this will lead, the initial focus of our blog will be about sharing – sharing more about who we are as a team, sharing what we’ve been up to, and sharing what we’ve learned. This could be write up on conference we’re attending, a speaking engagement we’ve lined up, a new Drupal module we started using, accessibility guidelines, and so on.

The plan is for all the team to be contributing to future articles, and engaging ideas with everyone in a fun, informative public forum. The plan is not to write a few articles and then abandon the blog to the dustheap of good intentions! Here’s hoping we (knock on wood) build something worth reading.

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About the Author:

Dan has been serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul area as a UX designer, developer and online strategist since 2000. Dan manages our design process, site mapping, information architecture, template design, and front-end development. He has a background in graphic design and copywriting. More about Dan »