GDPR and Online Privacy, 1 Year Later

4/30/19 by
GDPR has been around for a year now, but for many of us in the U.S., the law is still a mystery. A new California law may change that.
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8 Web Design Trends for 2018

12/29/17 by
What trends in website design are likely to continue growing in the new year?
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Front-End Developer Toolbox: How Does Yours Measure Up?

10/18/17 by

Front-end development in 2017 is a complicated and constantly shifting landscape of frameworks, trends, libraries and strategies.

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Sass Lint Or: How I Learned to Love the Lint

9/21/17 by
Learn how to write better code through use of SASS linting with Gulp and Stylelint.
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Is Your Website Outdated?

2/22/17 by
Avoid out of date user experiences with long-term planning
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Do URLs matter?

12/13/16 by
Getting a good domain has value. But what about the URL for each page?
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Who Won the Browser Wars?

11/2/16 by
Latest polls show a new king of the browsers
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Do I Need to Encrypt Every Webpage?

9/12/16 by
SSL Certificates have traditionally only be used with ecommerce and sensitive login pages. But should every page of every website be HTTPS encrypted? Some people think so.
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